Gaugemaster GM577 Pro Archimedean Drill Set

Pro Archimedean Drill Set
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Product Description

This spiral drill twists as the handle is pushed down creating a simple smooth action which reduces wrist strain and allows for easier one handed drilling. This pack includes two reversible collets with capaciites 0-3mm and 10 drill bits.


  • Precision drill for hobby, craft & professional use
  • Simple push action to operate
  • Two double ended collets with capacity 0-3mm
  • Includes 10 drill bits: 0.8-3.0mm


  • Pro Archimedean Drill
  • 0.8mm Drill Bit
  • 1.0mm Drill Bit
  • 1.2mm Drill Bit
  • 1.5mm Drill Bit
  • 1.8mm Drill Bit
  • 2.0mm Drill Bit
  • 2.2mm Drill Bit
  • 2.5mm Drill Bit
  • 2.8mm Drill Bit
  • 3.0mm Drill Bit


  • Length 190mm