Gaugemaster GM576 Finger Craft Knife With 2 Spare No.11 Blades

Finger Craft Knife With 2 Spare No.11 Blades
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Product Description

Ideal for fine angle cuts, carving, and etching, piercing, scoring, scraping, scribing & trimming. The ergonomic ring handle design makes it easy to apply pressure using your hand, leaving your fingers free to steer. This design improves visibility whilst providing close-up control and comfort.


Finger grip for complete control and comfort. Perfect for precision cuts in paper, card, plastics, balsa & foils. Easy to handle, lightweight design. Ergonomic shape suitable for left and right-handed use. This product is an ideal addition to our Gaugemaster Tools range, please use care when using as blades will be sharp.


  • Finger Craft Knife with Blade
  • 2 Spare No. 11 Blades.