Gaugemaster GM464 Litter Bins 3pcs (Pre-Built)

Litter Bins 3pcs (Pre-Built)
Litter Bins 3pcs (Pre-Built)
Litter Bins 3pcs (Pre-Built)
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Product Description


These rubbish bins have been a common sight for many years. They can be found all over the country from public parks to city streets. Their design has changed in recent years, incorporating ashtrays and recycling points, but the basic design as presented here is still widely found.


This pack contains three black litter bins made from photopolymer resin. They are pre-painted and can be planted onto your models straight from the pack.


  • ERA Diesel and Modern
  • PAINT FINISH Pristine


  • LENGTH 7mm
  • DEPTH 7mm
  • HEIGHT 13mm