Gaugemaster GM461 Telephone Box (Pre-Built)

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Product Description


Like the iconic post box, the Telephone Box went through many variations before this standard design was settled on. The first designs of the ‘red phone box’ were seen mainly in London. In 1935 the K6 ‘Jubilee’ design commemorating the Silver Jubilee of George V, went into mass production and was exported nationwide. These replaced all the non standard boxes around the UK and increased their numbers from around nineteen thousand to around thirty five thousand.

The design has changed little since then, and even today these variants can be found around the UK in cities and villages alike.


This pack contains one telephone box made from photopolymer resin. They are pre-painted and can be planted onto your models straight from the pack.


  • ERA 1935-Present
  • PAINT FINISH Pristine


  • LENGTH 11mm
  • DEPTH 11mm
  • HEIGHT 29mm