GM360 Gaugemaster Catalogue (Your Essential 128 Page Guide)

Gaugemaster Catalogue (Your Essential 128 Page Guide)
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Product Description

Your Essential Guide To The Gaugemaster Range.

The 128 page Gaugemaster Catalogue includes full listings and descriptions of all of the products in the Gaugemaster range, as well as articles passing on knowledge about how to use these products and give you inspiration to make your layout even more realistic.

Inside you'll find everything that you need to turn your train set into a model railway.

Contains details of the following Gaugemaster Ranges:

  • Analogue Control
  • Digital Control
  • SEEP Point Control
  • Scenics
  • Track
  • Highways
  • Electrics
  • Tools
  • Gaugemaster Collection
  • Structures
  • Lighting
  • Kestrel Designs
  • Tiny Signs