Gaugemaster GM1842 Oak Premium Tree

Oak Premium Tree
Oak Premium Tree
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Product Description

This "Oak" Tree is ideal for making scenes on a model landscape even more realistic and idyllic. There are many trees in real nature. These give a landscape an idyllic and realistic appearance. So this should not be missing on any model landscape that should be designed as realistically and realistically as possible. Bring a detail to your model landscape with the "oak" that should not be missing.

In addition to beeches, birches, lindens, chestnuts and many other trees, the "oak" creates a landscape with even more reality. Whether in the garden, in the field, in the park or on the farm - the "oak" is very versatile and finds the perfect place on any model landscape among the other types of trees.

  • The trunks of the trees are painstakingly hand-coloured so that no shiny plastic surfaces can be seen.
  • In order to give the tree more volume, a fine web is worked into the branches before the flocking.
  • High-quality leaves are used as the flock material. The shape and colour of the specially ground and elaborately coloured material resembles the foliage of the original trees.
  • As in nature, only the fine branches of this tree has leaves. The thick knots are left out in the elaborate flocking by hand.

  • 1 x Premium Oak Tree


  • HEIGHT 150mm