Gaugemaster GM1646 Flowers (250)

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Product Description

Flowers can be found virtually everywhere. For example, roses, tulips, dahlias and daffodils are specifically planted in gardens and flower beds. But we can also find daisies, primroses, cornflowers, lavender and many other colourful species in the great outdoors, at the edge of forests or paths and by streams and ponds.


  • Bring colour and interest to any scene
  • 5 Different coloured flowers
  • Fully finished and ready to plant
  • 50 x Green / Yellow Flower Tufts
  • 50 x Blue / White Flower Tufts
  • 50 x Orange Flower Tufts
  • 50 x Pink Flower Tufts
  • 50 x Purple Flower Tufts