Gaugemaster GM1100 Mod Roc 3m X 14.5cm

Mod Roc 3m X 14.5cm
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Product Description

This new product GM1100 replaces GM100.

Plaster bandage is a popular method of forming landscapes on a layout and our Mod Roc is conveniently sized and easy to use.

Pack contains 300 x 14.5cm of Mod Roc and comes with full instructions.


  • Easy to Apply
  • Activate With Water
  • Solid When Dry


  • Cut a Section to Suit Area (Roughly 1ft in Length)
  • Pass Section Through Water (End to End)
  • Let the Section Drain/Drip Off
  • Apply Section to Required Area
  • Smooth Bandage with Fingers to Ensure a Good Coverage
  • Leave to Dry
  • Paint or Cover with Grass Mat to Suit Requirement
  • Note: We recommend using an Aluminium Mesh as a base.


  • LENGTH 3m
  • WIDTH 14.5cm