Gaugemaster Combi Single Track Controller/ Plug in Transformer

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Product Description

This uncomplicated controller comes complete with a separate dedicated transformer which plugs directly into the wall with a 1.8m lead to plug into the back of the controller.

Made from high impact ABS, this entry level controller offers the same running characteristics as our traditional units. The best controller for starting your model railway or to control the lighting on your existing layout.

Transformer Details:

Input: 230v AC (Mains) Output Voltage: 16v AC Current: 0.75 Amps Dimensions: Length: 65mm Width: 80mm Height: 83mm Controller Details:

Input: 16v AC (from transformer) Output Voltage: 1 x 12v DC, 1 x 16v AC Current: 0.75 Amps

Dimensions: Length: 90mm Width: 58mm Height: 35mm