Gaugemaster BPPM10 Seep Classic Point Motor (5 Pack)

Seep Classic Point Motor (5 Pack)
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Product Description

This Point Motor has been created to work with the leading brands of track in the United Kingdom. Designed with easy installation in mind, it has a built inreversible mounting plate (with adjustment slots and holes), robust, plated metalwork and fibreglass PCBs for longer life.

The PM10's magnetic coils are high efficiency for reliable operation, needing much less current than other brands. PM10 also has easy to use 'solder-free' screw terminals. We have included mounting screws and a throw-bar extension. We even supply a handy screwdriver with this 5 pack.

Product Name
PM10 Classic Solenoid Point Motor
BPPM10 Classic Point Motor (5 Pack)
PM10D Classic Solenoid Point Motor (DCC-Fitted)

PM20 Surface Mounted Point Motor
BPPM20 Surface Mounted Point Motor (5 Pack)