Gaugemaster BPGM276 3 Aspect Platform Mounted Signals (3)

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Product Description

With N Scale modelling becoming more popular by the year, we felt the time was right to introduce our own range of colour light signals. These items feature injection moulded plastic heads along with a brass poles and nickel silver base. They are accurately pre-painted and we’ve ensured that the red, green and amber LEDs are as prototypical as they can be. We are also pleased to say that these items are manufactured here in the UK.

Single  Three Name
GM270 BPGM270 2 Aspect Lineside Signal
GM271 BPGM271 2 Aspect Platform Mounted Signal
GM273 BPGM273 2 Aspect Signal Head
GM275 BPGM275 3 Aspect Lineside Signal
GM276 BPGM276 3 Aspect Platform Mounted Signal
GM277 BPGM277 3 Aspect Ground Signal


  • Injection moulded signal heads
  • Brass posts
  • Nickel Silver ladder and top/bottom plate
  • Accurately coloured
  • Specially domed LEDs with lens effect
  • Pre-fitted heat resistant and durable multi-core teflon wire
  • Pre-fitted resistors for easy wiring
  • Long 170mm length wire suitable for most installations
  • 12v DC operation


  • HEIGHT 27mm
  • WIDTH 8mm
  • DEPTH 10mm