Revolution Trains RT-FNAD-204 FNA-D Nuclear Flask Carrier No.11 70 9229 010-7

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Prototype information:

Built by WH Davis from 2014 to replace older nuclear flask wagons.  Used across the network to transport spent fuel from nuclear power stations to Sellafield. The flask wagons typically run in rakes of 1-4 wagons mostly with two locos either double-headed or top-and-tailed.

Our model features:

  • Produced under licence from DRS
  • Highly accurate N gauge model, 1:148 scale on 9mm track
  • All models share the same livery with 8 different running numbers available
  • Accurate underframe detailing
  • Minimum Radius 2nd Radius
  • Bogies include separate brake shoes in line with wheels
  • RP25 profile N gauge wheels
  • Kinetic NEM coupler sockets mounted on the body