Expo Tools CHP0020 Lunar Lander Metal Construction Kit

Lunar Lander Metal Construction Set
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Product Description

A Lunar Lander or "Moon Lander" is a spacecraft designed to land on the moon! Since the middle of the 20th Century man has been fascinated by space travel. Developed in the 1950's by the USA and former Soviet Union the craft was designed to take a small two man team into orbit then land and take off from the moon. Various craft were designed but all followed a very similar design, we have created this construction model to show the main module of the craft and four feet it used for landing!

Learn the technical and mechanical diversity of modelling as you build this timeless contruction set.

Featuring clear easy to follow colour instructions, high quality stainless steel pieces and specialist tools to complete the job, this fabulous contruction set will give you house of fun.

This is the perfect gift for adults as well as your llittle engineers! Parental Guidance recommended.


    • Age 12+ years
    • 558 pieces
    • Tools Included
    • Build timne 3 to 5 hours
    • Difficulty Rating: 3/5