ESU Loksound 50097 ECoS L.Net Adapter

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Product Description

The great variety of the ESU ECoS command station is so convincing to many model railroaders that they would like to replace their present digital station with an ECoS. This also has been inspiring the desire to continue to use the existing handheld throttles and feedback modules. The ECoSniffer input offered at least a solution for handheld throttles (in combination with older digital command stations), whereas the feedback modules couldn�۪t be integrated into the system.

For the first time, it is possible to connect Uhlenbrock� or Digitrax� handheld throttles directly to the ECoS or Central Station 60212 'Reloaded', thanks to the ESU L.Net Converter. Additionally, you can continue to use or integrate the infra-red Lissy� devices as well as feedback devices which support