Kato 23-436 Diotown 8 Floor Corner Office Block Grey (Pre-Built)

  • 23-436
  • Kato
  • N Gauge Scale
Diotown 8 Floor Corner Office Block Grey (Pre-Built)
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Product Description

Realistic reproduction of fine details such as side and back piping, electrical wiring, ducts, and rooftop air conditioning equipment. The entrance, signboard, show window, etc. have been reproduced with stickers

The building can be used by itself and built into the scenery. By combining 4 corner buildings and 2 roadside buildings makes it a perfect size for the structure site of the Unitrack basic set.

By illuminating the centre of the building with a powerful light source from below, the entire building can be easily illuminated.

An 8-story corner building with a modern appearance and a front entrance at the corner cut facing the intersection
1st floor is a bank and the 2nd to 8th floors are stores
Other High Rise Diotown Offices are available to add to your scene.


  • LENGTH 112mm
  • DEPTH 112mm
  • HEIGHT 225mm