Digital Plus by Lenz 22103 LV103 Amplifier, 5Amp output

LV103 Amplifier, 5Amp output
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Product Description

LV103 was designed to meet the safety requirements for gauge O, H0, TT and N operation. Track voltage: 11 to 22V. Maximum load capacity: up to 5A. Overload results in a temporary safety shut-off of the amplifier. The TR150 is a suitable power supply unit. The LV103 supports RailCom operation.


  • Ultra clean DCC Track Power
  • Adjustable DCC Track Voltage
  • Opto-isolation and thermal protection for Safety
  • Short and overload protection
  • Designed to meet NMRA RP-9.1.2
  • Includes RP-9.3.1 cutout device
  • Needs either a TR100 or TR150 transformer