Digital Plus by Lenz 21102 LH101-R Additional Radio Hand controller

LH101-R Additional Radio Hand controller
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Product Description

Digital plus's new LH101-R wireless handheld controller is identical to functionality and operation with the handheld LH101. Connection to XpressNet control with the radio receiver LTM101. Up to 4 radio LH101-R can be operated on a radio receiver LTM101. The radio technology is being developed in collaboration with Massoth. The power is supplied by 2 AA batteries.


  • 9999 addresses for digital locomotives
  • Rotary Speed control
  • addresses are entered via number keys
  • Stack of 8 loco addresses for your loco collection (Easy to overwrite with new addresses)
  • Control of 69 Locomotive decoder functions (Lights, Smoke, Sound...)
  • Locomotive decoder functions can be switched or momentary operation (Momentary is useful for bells and whistles)
  • another key serves to change the direction of travel
  • emergency stop key serves to stop all locomotives immediately
  • display indicates the function
  • synchronised control of several locomotives into a double or multiple traction
  • if a switch decoder (that supports the feedback function) is used, the LH101 can feed back the real status of points
  • this function also allows feedback on the status of the inputs of feedback modules LR101
  • Program locomotive and accessory decoders - Programming track and Programming on main (PoM)
  • up to 1024 points, signals, magnetic articles and other accessories can be controlled.
  • New Routes Mode
  • New Club mode Handset can be limited to a single loco for an inexperienced driver to operate.
  • Works with the LZV100 Version 3.6 Software