Digital Plus by Lenz 10318-01 Silver + Next 18 with NEM 663 plug

Silver + Next 18 with NEM 663 plug
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Product Description

The Lenz Digital Plus Silver locomotive decoder is suitable for all DC Locos with Next18 interface. At the moment Next 18 is found in Bachmann Liliput and Tillig products.

Some information on Lenz Decoders well worth noting if you are considering which decoder to buy, over the years we have only experienced 1 genuine failure on a Lenz decoder and 1 failure on a controller despite having sold many hundreds. One of the main reasons for this is that accross the range of lenz decoders they are doubly protected by good quality circuit breaking circuits where a short circuit is detected but also where a long overload causing thermal damage. This means that instead of simply blowing when under conditions of short or overload like many US based decoders with inferior circuitry they will simply cut out and allow you ro reset the decoder either for thermal reset or overall reset. Essentially it is very difficult to lose a Lenz decoder through shorts so you get a second chance instead of a puff of smoke. They are more expensive but they are worth it

The characteristics of the decoder are:

  • Super smooth and silent high frequency back emf motor control
  • Supports Automatic Braking Control (ABC)
  • Shunting speed on F3
  • Suitable for operation with 14/27 or 28/128 speed steps
  • Operation on conventional DC layouts is posible or may be disabled
  • Motor and function outputs have short circuit protection
  • Seven function outputs rated at 500mA each with advanced function mapping
  • Directional or independent lighting with dimming and special effects
  • Support for Multiple traction and long addresses (Loco addresses up to 9,999)
  • Support for programming on the mainline (Programming on Main POM)
  • Support for all forms of programming as described in NMRA RP-9.2.3
  • RailCom