Digital Plus by Lenz 10231-02 Standard+ V2 1.0/1.8A 3 function output A,B,C.

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Product Description

The new standard + V2: he can do everything that the STANDARD + always could. The new version has the additional feature of ABS, extra function output and is optimized for use with LEDs.

The DIGITAL plus STANDARD locomotive decoder is suitable for all DC
locomotives with continuous current draw of 1.0 Amp.or less.

The characteristics of the decoder are:

  • Super smooth and silent high frequency back-emf motor control.
  • Adjustable precision stopping control
  • Shunting Speed on F3
  • Selectable for operation with 14/27, or 28/128 speed steps.
  • Operation on conventional DC layouts is possible or can be disabled.
  • Motor output = 1A continuous, 1.8A max,.
  • Motor and function outputs protected
  • Four function outputs rated at 150mA each with advanced function mapping
  • Function outputs can be set to a timer for electronic uncoupling
  • Directional or independent lighting with dimming and special effects.
  • Support for multiple traction and long addresses (Loco addresses up to 9,999)
  • Support for programming on the mainline (Programming on Main POM)
  • Support for all forms of programming as described in NMRA RP-9.2.3
  • ABC Braking
  • Railcom
  • Size: L 25mm x W 15mm x H 3.8mm