Deluxe Materials BD-80 Eze Tissue Black (5)

Eze Tissue Black (5)
Eze Tissue Black (5)
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Product Description

For high strength, lightweight covering of Model Aircraft

Deluxe Materials are delighted to announce Eze Tissue Black to the ever-expanding range of Eze Tissue colours.

Eze Tissue is a specially developed lightweight tissue paper composed of a special blend of naturally grown fibres and unique binding agents.

This black tissue paper is very light at 14 gsm. It has unique properties important for the construction of lightweight balsa wood model aircraft and not found in many normal tissue papers including:

  • exceptional lightness.
  • high wet strength.
  • unusually high strength to weight ratio.

The new black paper is a good choice for both covering and creating trim. Like all the other tissue it’s easily bonded with Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste AD60 and subsequently air-proofed with Deluxe Materials Eze Dope BD42.

Deluxe Materials Black Eze Tissue BD80 comes in attractive packs of 5 sheets 75cm x 50cm wide.