DCC Concepts LM-PP.2 Legacy Models Power Point Baseboard Dowels (2-Pairs)

Legacy Models Power Point Baseboard Dowels (2-Pairs)
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Product Description

Wire-Free Baseboard connections

Easily installed, super-accurate alignment dowels that remove the need for wires!

PowerPoint dowels are a dream come true. Highly accurate, they can both transmit track power and perfectly align your baseboards. All of the electrial parts are gold plated too, so they'll never fail you!

PowerPoints can confortably handle far more power than a DCC system can deliver, so you will only need to use one pair to reliably transfer power between average baseboards.

Work carefully and you will obtain a great result when installing your new Legacy PowerPoint Dowels

    • Clamp the baseboard ends together. Be sure the top surfaces are perfectly level and aligned. (You can temporarily screw an offcut of wood over the top of joint to ensure it is perfect)
    • Mark the position for the dowels. Drill a pilot hole right through both ends using a 3mm drill. (keep it at 90 degrees to the board faces as this step will guide all subsequent drilling)
    • Separate the two boards. Use a 19mm spade drill bit, and go just deep enough into the front face of each board end (2mm) (This is about right to allow the flange of the dowel to sit flush with the baseboard ends)
    • Now, using a 13mm spade drill bit and working from the other side, drill right through the board. You will now have a 13mm hole with a 19mm flange. (Clean it up and remove anu rough edges and sawdust to make it ready for the Dowell installation)
    • Add a little PVA to the grooves in each dowel & insert it flush with the face of the board.
  • (If it’s too tight for a firm push-fit, ream the hole with sandpaper. Do NOT tap them in as you may damage them)
    • To secure boards together after alignment, drill clearance holes for 1/4” bolts & wingnuts. (They do not need to be tight as the dowels will do all the work of aligning the boards perfectly)
    • Connect the track power wires.
  • Your PowerPoints are now installed and ready! By the way...PowerPoints will carry more than 5 amps of track power, so you will not overload them - ever!.
  • Only top quality materials are used. The electrical parts are all gold plated so they will never tarnish and lose conductivity. PowerPoints can also be disassembled for cleaning or lubrication if needed, and we even supply you with spare parts in the pack. They really ARE designed to last forever!