DCC Concepts DCT-UTP DCCconcepts Ultimate Model Railway Tool Pack

DCCconcepts Ultimate Model Railway Tool Pack
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Product Description

DCCconcepts Ultimate Model Railway Tool Pack

What is the “Ultimate Model Railway Tool Pack”?

The DCCconcepts Ultimate Model Railway Tool Pack comes complete with:

  • DCG-SR4 – our super-accurate, stainless steel 4mm scale ruler, with built-in handrail bending jig. Useful all around the layout and tough enough to deal with everything your hobby room can throw at it!
  • DCT-SND.12 – our premium screwdriver set with 3 high quality handles and 12 chrome-vanadium bits (3 flathead bits, 3 Philips and 3 nut drivers). Leave your most-used bits in the drivers and they’ll be ready to pick up from the work bench whenever you need them!
  • DCT-SSS – our sharpest shears – this 2″ shear is capable of cutting anything up to 0.15 steel, nickel silver and brass sheet, yet precise enough to cut paper and plastic. 
  • DCT-FWS – exclusive to us, with 2 stripping grooves and a razor-sharp cutting edge. These are the best anywhere and the ultimate stripper for fine wire work.
  • DCT-HTC – our heavy track cutters – use to cut track that is already laid. Perfect for OO, HO, N and other modelling scales where you need to cut vertically. Will also cut plastics, wood and card.
  • DCT-XTC – our super-sharp track cutters with a flat back for a perfect flush cut. Used with the jaws on the top and bottom of the rail for a vertical cut (only for use on nickel silver, brass or mild steel rail).
  • DCT-FSC – fine sprue cutters for cutting plastic kits, as well as copper, brass and nickel silver. Perfect for wiring work, flush cutting components leads and trimming parts from etchings.
  • DCT-BWS – high quality bus wire strippers – everyone who uses these buys a set. They will save you hours! Strip insulation from bus wire without damaging a single strand – even in the middle of a run!
  • DCT-TCB – the ultimate track-cleaning block. No need to grind, scrub or scratch your rails – just polish them with this aluminium oxide and rubber block to care for your track and give perfect running.
  • DCT-FBLG – a large fibreglass brush to prepare rail for soldering or to clean contacts, metals and other surfaces.