DCC Concepts DCT-HTC Heavy Track Cutters

Heavy Track Cutters
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Product Description

Exclusively made for DCCconcepts. The HTC is used to cut track that is already laid, and, because the cutting area is much larger when track is cut this way, it has a heavier jaw structure and slightly different cutting angle on the blade. You should use this version for heavier rail too (anything larger than code 100). When used properly, the DCT-HTC will cut Nickel silver rail very cleanly so you will rarely need to clean the cut with a file before laying the track… but it can do much more.

  • The perfect track cutter for OO, HO, N and other modelling scales where you need to cut vertically as the track is already laid or when using heavier rail profiles.
  • A very sharp flat-back cutter ideal for clean cuts in alloys, brass, copper, nickel silver and similar non-ferrous metals.
  • Will also cut plastics, wood and card easily and exceptionally cleanly.

Because of the carefully set angle of the cutting face, the cuts you make with the DCT-HTC track cutter are very clean and may not need any filing at all after cutting.