DCC Concepts DCP-CDU-2 Integrated CDU Unit Dual High Power CDUs Super High Power

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Product Description

Integrated CDU Unit Dual High Power CDUs. Super High Power. No need for an additional power supply – connect directly to mains!

Cobalt CDU-2 is a mains powered CDU. Because we have matched power supply and CDU perfectly, recovery time is super short and power available is almost unlimited making the Cobalt CDU-2 able to guarantee performance every time.

Dimensions: The CDU is 135mm x 87mm x 56mm with 8mm + 8mm mounting tabs additional to the 135mm at either end. The connectors / fuses are on the ends above these tabs but inside the 8mm footprint The soft anti-scratch feet add another 4mm to the 56mm height

Note: Country compatible power cable included. Suitable only for use on 220 – 240V mains.