DCC Concepts DCP-CBSS-6 Cobalt SS Surface Mount Point Motor with Controllers And Accessories (6 Pack)

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Product Description

Slow action surface mounted point motors for use with all sorts of different gauges from N to O. This pack contains Cobalt-SS Above-Board Point Motors with “Plug & Play” leads to connect to the Control Board. They are ready for installation and connection with everything needed already in the pack. Cobalt-SS can be powered by either DC or DCC systems. Operation is possible by DCC command, conventional switches or both.

The pack also contains the following accessory leads and accessories:

2x Cobalt-SS Extension Cable (600mm) to enable motors to be mounted further away from the Control Board. 2x Cobalt-SS Y-connection or reverse connection cable to enable two or more motors to be connected to one output on the Control Board. Linkage pack – to connect your Cobalt-SS motor to your turnout. Mounting screws – to install both the Cobalt-SS motors and the control boards.