DCC Concepts DCG-BB145 Back to Back OO/HO (Standard) 14.5mm

Back to Back OO/HO (Standard) 14.5mm
Back to Back OO/HO (Standard) 14.5mm
Back to Back OO/HO (Standard) 14.5mm
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Product Description

Brass back-to-back gauge for Standard OO and HO ready to run, plus models built using BRSMB wheel standards OR running on pointwork built using OO-SF standards for common crossing and related gauging.

Most running problems with ready-to-run locomotives and rolling stock can be traced to a simple cause - careless manufacture which placed the wheels either too close together or too far apart on the axle. This is easily remedied once you have the appropriate gauge to help you with a consistent result, and it will be easier still with gauges from DCCconcepts as not only are they made to very tight tolerances from the highest quality polished Brass, but they have added a convenient handle to make it easier to hold the gauge whilst checking your wheels!