DCC Concepts DCD-ZN8D.4 Zen Blue+ Decoder - 8 Pin NANO Direct – 4 Fn

Zen Blue+ Decoder - 8 Pin NANO Direct – 4 Fn
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Product Description

Zen decoder software has always been smooth, clever and easy to use but our new decoder range takes this to a new level, with super-advanced brown-out protection and nano size. All of our decoders are tested at least 3 times before we package them for sale, so we know that they all work perfectly when we sell them and you can be quite confident that reliability is assured. DCD-ZN8D.4 replaces the previous version – DCD-ZN8D.

Decoder features: – 1.1 Amps peak power – 750mA continuous power – 4 functions at 100mA each – 15mm x 7mm – 8-pin direct – Brown-out protection – Stay-alive connection