DCC Concepts DCD-GS-BR-D.4 4x 2-wire DIESEL Era 3-light Ground Signal

4x 2-wire DIESEL Era 3-light Ground Signal
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Product Description

4x 2-wire BR Ground Signal (Diesel Era) – A pack of 4 x 3-lamp plug and play signals in 4mm scale (OO), supplied with NO control board.

The DCD-GS-BR-D.4 is the classic 3-lamp ground signal. It was first introduced in the mid 1930s and spread far and wide. Most are still in use today. This makes it a great choice for layouts of many prototypes and periods.

This variant uses “whiter” LEDs to reproduce the effect of more recent installations of these signals, using LEDs rather than incandescent bulbs.

Use as add-on for Alpha Mimic control signal systems OR use independently if you wish. Please note: If used with other power sources, resistors MUST be added – a selection of these are INCLUDED with this 4-pack