DCC Concepts DCC-ESPS.6 ESP® 2x 3-Output DCC Transmitter

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Product Description

ESP® 2x 3-Output DCC Transmitter

6-Output Wireless DCC Transmitter for use with DCCconcepts ESP® System

2x 3-Output ESP® DCC Transmitter

Presented in a smart leather box, your ESP® Starter Kit will reach you in perfect condition and could make the perfect gift!

Very easy to use, this unit is the heart of ESP®.
DCC-ESPS.6 can be powered by a DCC track bus or with any regulated DC power source or battery able to deliver from 12 to 20 volts.
DCC-ESPS.6 gives six inputs that can be connected to any form of detection or switch and three independent wireless outputs, each with its own DCC address.
The ESP® address range is from 1 to 2044.
To complete your wire-free installation, the DCC-ESPS.6 is paired with the DCC-ESPR.1 receiver which receives the commands and delivers them to your DCC system or control panel, either as a direct DCC command or as a “sniffer” device, so your screen-based DCC system can also receive feedback.
DCC-ESPS.6 can pair with multiple receivers.
Unlike Wi-Fi based systems, ESP® has no limits on the quantity of input channels and there is zero possibility of interference.
ESP® has full power-off memory and is also protected against wrong connections.