Dapol 7P-020-002 Stroudley 4 Wheel Suburban Oil Lit Brake 3rd Mahogany 918

  • 7P-020-002
  • Dapol
  • O Gauge Scale
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Product Description


  • Diecast compensated chassis for excellent riding characteristics
  • Superbly detailed body with many separately added detailed parts
  • Metal sprung buffers (outer end of brake only)
  • Expertly applied livery and decoration
  • Lightbar Fitted options available (DC & DCC Versions)
  • Two lengths of close coupling bar will be offered with these coaches - A short coupling bar to be used with buffer free coaches and Billington (the successor engineer to Stroudey) conversion to buffers on one coach. A long coupling bar with be offered for converted main line coaches with buffers on both coaches. All close coupled coaches will be able to negotiate R2 curves.