Dapol 4S-028-005S SECR Maunsell D1 Class BR Black (Late Crest) 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.31246 (DCC Sound)

  • 4S-028-005S
  • Dapol
  • OO Gauge Scale
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Product Description

Exclusive Model, Produced by Dapol.

Brief History:

After 1901 the D class locomotive fast became the mainline locomotive of choice on the south coast, (making the SE&CR’s first mainline express formation) further (for the time) powerful locomotives were investigated by the companies. After Richard Maunsell took the reigns from Harry Wainwright in 1913 he worked on a series of new locomotives which were intended for a long service life, this involved the conversion and upgrade of 11 E class locomotives, resulting in the E1 class. This proved very successful and led directly to the conversion of 21 D class into the D1 class between 1921 and 1927. Though arguably, not as elegant as the D class equipped with a larger boiler, a belpaire firebox and longer travel cylinders the D1 was able to produce a considerable haulage and power increase over its predecessors.

Initially allocated to Ashford shed, this class was to be found all over the south-eastern division from London to the south.

Withdrawn in November 1961, no preserved examples exist.


Technical Specification
• Diecast Chassis
• Low centre of gravity located between the driving wheels
• NEM couplings with removable coupling pocket
• Sprung buffers
• R2 (438mm/17.2”) minimum radius
• Pickup from tender and driving wheels
• Powerful 5 pole motor located within boiler
Pull Out PCB for a tool-free DCC & Speaker fitting.
• ‘Snap-fit’ conductive tender drawbar
• Options for bass reflex speaker in tender (pre-wired)
• Firebox glow
• Profiled wheels
• Detailed motion
• Removable coal load with internal tender profiling
• Fully detailed back-head and cab interior.
• Back by Dapol’s comprehensive warranty and service

Variations (dependent on model represented)

• Two frame variations (to include early D class conversions)
• Two cab types
• Two Chimney types
• Two Smokebox types
• Three dome types (with/without top feed and plated)
• Two safety valve types (Ross-pop and Ramsbottom)
• With and without snifter valves
• ‘High capacity’ tenders
• Manual and automatic lubricators
• Additional minor detail variations