Dapol 4A-001-001 Dual Signal DCC Controller

Dual Signal DCC Controller
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Product Description

Dapol are pleased to announce the SC3 DCC controller for its range of OO and N gauge Semaphore signals which enable standard signals to be quickly and easily connected to a standard DCC layout and controlled using almost any controller or computer system which can control DCC accessories.

Each controller can independently control 1 or 2 standard Dapol Semaphore signals which wire straight into the module and 2 wires connect direct to the nearest track or DCC bus - no extra power supply or wiring is needed.

Setting up is also especially easy using Train-Tech's unique 'One-Touch DCC™ system where addresses are set by simply pressing one button - no programming!

Developed in collaboration with Train-Tech, the Dapol DCC Signal controller is designed and manufactured in Great Britain.