Dapol 2D-017-100 DB Management Train 4 Piece Rolling Stock Set with DVT

  • 2D-017-100
  • Dapol
  • N Gauge Scale
DB Management Train 4 Piece Rolling Stock Set with DVT
DB Management Train 4 Piece Rolling Stock Set
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Expected Delivery Q1 2024 (Subject to change at Manufacturer's Discretion).

The DB Cargo Company Train (formerly the DB Schenker Company Train and the EWS Company Train) is a special train operated in the United Kingdom by freight operator DB Cargo UK (formerly DB Schenker Rail (UK) formerly English Welsh & Scottish), a division of Deutsche Bahn. It was built as an inspection saloon replacement, and is also used to entertain corporate clients. The train cost £3 million and took only nine months from concept to completion.

During the time that Keith Heller was CEO, Infleet Technology was commissioned to design the train.[6] The train was assembled as the replacement for the company's aging inspection saloon and is used for entertaining corporate clients, for staff trips, managers, customers, functions, and as a "moving office". In the first year of operation the Macmillan Cancer Support charity were allowed to use the train for fund-raising.

The fixed configuration set consists of three British Rail Mark 3 coaches between a Mark 3 driving van trailer and Class 67 Locomotive. The interior of the train was converted to a business/office/corporate entertainment environment, including a 'conference coach' room with 50-inch cinema screen, and seven-metre-long conference table, a dining coach, and a sleeper coach with bedrooms and en-suite washing facilities. The trainset was fitted with a wiring system allowing the Class 67 to work in push–pull mode with the DVT and Mark 3 coaches.

In addition to normal inter-carriage connections this includes the addition of Multiple Working Jumper cable, and Cab to Train Data cable. The DVT retains its Time Division Multiplexer (TDM) support but this is isolated and non-operational unless the company train is operating in push-pull mode with a Class 90 locomotive. Locomotive 67029 was also modified to include a remotely activatable fire-suppression system and received a slight modification to the auto-couplers to enable connecting to the existing Mk3 buckeye couplers without touching the coach's rubbing plate although it is normally attached using buffer-and-chain coupling.

When not in use hauling the company train 67029 is used for normal railway working. The train is explicitly exempted from regulations covering "Working of Passenger Trains Over Non-Passenger Lines", allowing the train to operate between freight depots without additional documentation requirements. The train does not carry passengers per-se with all those on-board regarded as either staff or invited guests.


  • Metal Wheels
  • NEM coupling as standard
  • Separately applied wire hand rails
  • Detailed Printing and Livery Detail
  • Highly detailed body, underframe, and bogies


  • Finely detailed body with many extra fitted items
  • All wheel electrical pick up
  • Directional lights
  • NEXT-18 Decoder Socket
  • Accessory bag with optional fitted parts.


  • OWNER DB Cargo UK
  • LIVERY DB Management Train
  • PAINT FINISH Pristine


  • LENGTH 153mm
  • WIDTH 18mm
  • HEIGHT 26mm


  • LENGTH 130mm
  • WIDTH 18mm
  • HEIGHT 26mm