Kato 11-212 Cool White LED Coach Lighting Set (6)

  • 11-212
  • Kato
  • N Gauge Scale
Cool White LED Coach Lighting Set (6)
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Product Description

A bright and popular room lightComes a new version of the bulb colour. It can more realistically reproduce the diversifying light sources such as LED bulbs and the indirect lighting that is frequently used in recent new models.

It is most suitable for incandescent lamp lighting reproduction such as old passenger cars and Orient Express, and it is perfect for E655 series and Twilight Express that adopt indirect lighting by attaching a filter.


  • Low current consumption (about 50 to 60% of light bulbs)
  • Prevention of melting damage due to heat generation
  • Single item, 6-car compartment
  • Accessory configuration (per vehicle)
  • Lighting plate (Prism-like light distribution plate)
  • Current collector plate (Current collection shoes), interior light unit (assembled type), colour filter