Gaugemaster Collection GM2210208 Class 73 126 BR Large Logo Blue Diesel Locomotive

Class 73 126 BR Large Logo Blue Diesel Locomotive
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The British Rail Class 73 is a British electro-diesel locomotive. The type is unusual in that it can operate from the Southern Region's 650/750 V DC third-rail or an on-board diesel engine to allow it to operate on non-electrified routes. This makes it very versatile, although the diesel engine produces less power than is available from the third-rail supply so the locomotives are rarely operated outside of the former Southern Region of British Rail. Following the withdrawal and scrapping of the more powerful Class 74s in 1977, the Class 73 was unique on the British railway network until the introduction of the Class 88 electro-diesels in 2017. This class of 49 locomotives were built in two batches using English Electric components. The first six locomotives were built by BR at Eastleigh Carriage and Wagon Works and introduced to service during 1962; they were built to the Hastings Line gauge, numbered E6001-E6006 and classified as type JA. In the early 1970s the locomotives were renumbered 73001-73006. Following successful trials of the initial locomotives, a production run of 43 locomotives were ordered as part of the Bournemouth Electrification and built by English Electric at their Vulcan Foundry between 1965 and 1967. They were initially classified as Class JB and numbered E6007-E6049.They differed slightly from the six earlier machines, most notably having an increased tractive effort as well as a higher maximum speed (90 mph as opposed to 80). Following the introduction of TOPS, they became Class 73/1 and were renumbered 73101-73142. From new, all members of the class were fitted with the Pullman style rubbing plate between the buffers allowing them to close couple with Southern Region EMUs and DEMUs for push-pull train operation.


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