Gaugemaster Collection GM2210701 Class 56 032 County of South Glamorgan Railfreight Metals Diesel Locomotive

Class 56 032 County of South Glamorgan Railfreight Metals Diesel Locomotive
Class 56 032 County of South Glamorgan Railfreight Metals Diesel Locomotive
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The British Rail Class 56 is a type of diesel locomotive designed for heavy freight work. It is a Type 5 locomotive, with a Ruston-Paxman power unit developing 3,250 bhp (2,423 kW), and has a Co-Co wheel arrangement. Enthusiasts nicknamed them "Gridirons" (or "Grids" for short), due to the grid like horn cover on the locomotive's cab ends fitted to nos. 56056 onwards. Under its Romanian railway factory nomenclature, the locomotive was named Electroputere LDE 3500, with LDE coming from Locomtiva Diesel-Electrica (Diesel-Electric locomotive) and the 3500 being the planned horsepower output.

The Class 56 fleet was introduced between 1976 and 1984, a total of 135 examples were manufactured. The first 30 locomotives (56001 - 56030, factory classification LDE3500) were built by Electroputere in Romania, but these typically suffered from poor construction standards and many were withdrawn from service early for extensive rebuilding before re-entering revenue service.[3] The remaining 105 locomotives were built by British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL) at Doncaster Works (56031 to 56115) and Crewe Works (56116 to 56135).

1:148 Scale model of a Class 56 diesel locomotive decorated in Railfreight Metals livery. These models have been specially commissioned by Gaugemaster and form part of the Gaugemaster Collection Series.

These models feature lots of era specific details and markings and lots of external body details as modelled on the prototype.

  • Gaugemaster Limited Edition
  • Detailed body with etched grills and separately fitted hand rails
  • Darkened wheels and pin point bearings
  • Split frame tungsten chassis
  • 5 Pole motor for smoother operation
  • All wheel drive
  • All Wheel pick up
  • Includes etched brass name and number plates
  • Directional lighting
  • NEM couplings
  • Includes both standard and knuckle couplings
  • Includes spares bag with additional detailing parts
  • 1 x Class 56 Diesel Locomotive

  • OPERATOR Railfreight Metals
  • CLASS 56
  • RUNNING NUMBER/NAME 56 032 "County of South Glamorgan"