Bachmann 31-420SF Class 411/9 3-CEP 3-Car EMU (Refurbished) 1199 South West Trains - DCC Sound

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The Bachmann Branchline 4-CEP Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) broke new ground when it was first released and now we’ve created new bodyshells for this award winning model to bring you these new models depicting the refurbished units. With the fitting of hopper ventilator windows and the relocation of the two guard’s compartments from the driving vehicles to a single location in the trailer vehicle, the changes made at refurbishment were drastic and we’ve captured them all in this new Branchline model which depicts 3-CEP No. 1199 in South West Trains livery and is supplied complete with SOUND FITTED.

Each of the three vehicles that make up this 3-car set is adorned with fine detail from the door handles, hinges and bumpers to the window frames picked out so neatly in silver. Metal wire handrails are fitted at each end of the two DMSO vehicles, and the multiple working equipment, windscreen wipers and roof mounted horns are all fitted separately. Metal handrails also feature aside the guard’s door and metal toilet filler pipes can be found at each end of the TBCK vehicle. Underneath each vehicle the truss frames and brake gear is depicted, along with a full set of auxiliary equipment and boxes. AT the driving end of each DMSO Mark 4 Motor Bogies can be found, fitted with their third-rail pickup shoes, whilst throughout the rest of the train Commonwealth Bogies are fitted. Through the tinted windows the tables, chairs and compartments are all the more visible thanks to the interior lighting, whilst the cab is fitted with driver’s seat, control desk and brake wheel.

With conductive couplings employed between each vehicle, mounted on close-coupling mechanisms, NEM coupling pockets are also fitted at each end allowing multiple units to be coupled together. Each wheelset is fitted with electrical pickups and with SOUND FITTED, you can use this model on DCC or Analogue Control straight out of the box whilst enjoying realistic sound effects.



  • Bachmann Branchline OO Scale
  • Era 9
  • Pristine South West Trains Livery
  • Set No. 1199
  • 3-Car Unit comprising DMSO Nos. 61328 & 61329 and TBCK No. 70578
  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets at the outer ends
  • Integral conductive couplings mounted on close-coupling mechanisms between vehicles
  • Interior Lighting
  • Directional Lighting
  • SOUND FITTED - Fitted with a ESU Loksound V5DCC Sound Decoder – See below for the function list
  • Length 800mm



The British Rail Class 411 (or 4-CEP) electric multiple units were built at Eastleigh works from 1956–63 for the newly electrified main lines in Kent. These units were constructed using a standard Mk1 design and based on the general philosophy of the Southern Railway’s main line 4 -COR design of 1937. Variants of the class 411 design included the class 410 and class 412 4 BEP units, which contained a buffet car in place of a standard trailer. They were later used on services in Sussex and Hampshire. Following the privatisation of British Rail in 1995, the units were used on Connex South Central, Connex South Eastern and South West Trains franchises. They were ultimately replaced by Juniper and Electrostar units during the industry’s drive to eliminate ‘slam-door’ rolling stock for reasons of safety and modernisation. The fleet's lifespan was 49 years; these units are the longest-lived BR Mark 1 EMUs.