Gaugemaster Collection GM2210901 Class 156 919 EMR Regional DMU

Class 156 919 EMR Regional DMU
Class 156 919 EMR Regional DMU
Class 156 919 EMR Regional DMU
Class 156 919 EMR Regional DMU
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The British Rail Class 156 Super Sprinter is a diesel multiple-unit passenger train. A total of 114 sets were built between 1987 and 1989 for British Rail by Metro-Cammell's Washwood Heath works. They were built to replace elderly first-generation DMUs and locomotive-hauled passenger trains. The design of the Class 156 was relatively conservative in comparison to Metro-Cammell's earlier Class 151 design. Specific changes include the bodyshell being primarily composed of steel instead of aluminium; the deliberate decision was made to model the cab design on the earlier Class 150 was allegedly taken to ease union acceptance.

Each coach is powered, being outfitted with a single six-cylinder Cummins NT855-R5 diesel engine coupled to Voith T211r hydraulic automatic transmissions and Gmeinder final drive units. The Class 156 can achieve a top speed of 75 mph (121 km/h). Construction of the welded bodyshells was subcontracted out with Procor Engineering, Wakefield completing 118, WH Davis 60 and Standard Wagon 50.

Aston Martin Tickford were awarded the interior fitout contract.[16] The units were all built as two-car sets, numbered 156401-514.

Each unit was formed of two driving motors, one of which contained a toilet. Individual carriages numbered 52401-52514 - Driving Motor Standard Lavatory (DMSL) & 57401-57514 - Driving Motor Standard (DMS), containing an area for storing wheelchairs, bicycles, bulky luggage etc. Unlike the Class 150 units, the 156s have a single-leaf sliding door at either end of each coach. This reflected the expected longer journeys with fewer stops that the Class 156 was supposed to operate.

1:148 Scale model of a Class 156 diesel multiple-unit decorated in EMR Regional livery. These models have been specially commissioned by Gaugemaster and form part of the Gaugemaster Collection Series.

These models feature lots of era specific details and markings and lots of external body details as modelled on the prototype.


  • Gaugemaster Limited Edition
  • Next18 DCC Fitted
  • All wheel pick up
  • Directional lighting
  • All wheel drive (in motor equipped units)
  • Spares bag with additional detailing parts
  • Cast wheel in the appropriate colour to match livery
  • 5 pole Super Creep Motor with incredible controllable slow running speed
  • Coaches can be fitted with Plug-In Lighting Bars
  • 1 x Class 156 Diesel Multiple-Unit


  • CLASS 156
  • RUNNING NUMBER 156 919
  • OPERATOR East Midlands Railway Regional