Cavalex Models CM-60017-TGCN-SOUND Class 60 017 “Arenig Fawr” Triple Grey Construction Diesel Electric Locomotive - DCC Sound

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Expected Delivery Q1 2025 (Subject to change at Manufacturer's Discretion).

60017 - Construction Sector
- Construction Sub-sector livery
- Era: 1991 - May 1994
- Separate “Arenig Fawr” etched nameplates included
- Condition: As delivered
- Lights: Original Style WIPAC lights

Cavalex Models are pleased to announce our newly-tooled Class 60 in 4mm. The model is already significantly advanced and currently at the tooling stage, having been in the works for the past few years. All variants of the 60 are being tooled, to accurately cover all 100 locomotives produced between first delivery of 60001 in 1989 and the present day operations of the fleet. This will of course see the release of Class 60s in configurations and liveries that haven’t been available before in 1:76.2 scale.

The Cavalex Class 60 has been designed completely from scratch, based on original works drawings from Wabtec and an extensive survey of multiple locomotives at Toton. We have incorporated numerous innovations into the model which we’re looking forward to showcasing. Whilst the 60 has been released by other manufacturers in the past, it was an obvious choice for us given the prototype ran with all of our released and forthcoming wagons.

As with all of our models, the Class 60 has taken years of significant research and development time, which we believe has been well worth it to capture all of the features of this iconic modern type 5 freight loco. The model is currently in tooling.

The Cavalex 60 will be produced to the same high standard of finish as our highly regarded wagons as well as our forthcoming class 56, incorporating similar levels of detail and innovation.

● 21 pin DCC interface and innovative removable panel to allow for easy DCC chip installation and access to the comprehensive dip switch control for DC users, which allows access to all of the DCC functions for lighting, without the need to remove the model from the track.
● Photo etched grilles throughout the model including body side, roof and etched grilles within the clean air bay.
● A wealth of separately fitted parts across the model, including bogies which aren’t just one piece mouldings to allow for proper detail relief as well as the under frame.
● Fully detailed model of the Class 60 engine room visible through the body side grilles.
● Full independently controlled lighting, allowing for parked, yard, light engine, and ‘on train’ modes, with realistic levels of brightness and colour representative of the prototype being modelled. Prototypical day/night lighting configurations for the modern livery examples. Engine room and cab lighting independently controllable via DCC functions.
● Realistically bright (or dim depending how you look at it) cab lighting, driver’s desk with individually printed dials and decorated full depth cab interior as per the prototype.
● Hall sensors for fully adjustable automated flange squeal on sound fitted models. This feature automatically provides the characteristic screech as the wheels enter sharp curves. Not having to activate the sound manually only adds to the immersive effect whilst driving the locomotive.
● Power bank providing smooth uninterrupted running, which combined with floating centre axles, allows trouble free road holding and power.
● 5 pole motor with twin flywheel and low ratio gearbox for prototypical running speeds typical of the class.
● Provision to order drop-in wheelsets to easily convert the loco to EM and P4 gauges for those modellers that wish to showcase the unparalleled levels of detail and accuracy of the model with equally accurate trackwork.
● Highly detailed and accurate underframe with numerous separately fitted parts.
● Individual details and finish that has been rigorously researched and applied to each model to represent the individual prototype as accurately as possible.
● DCC sound with custom ESU project for our factory fitted sound version and stay alive fitted to all models. EM1 type Speaker and additional sugar cube speaker in the chassis as standard for a balanced combination of low and high frequency sounds to accurately
reproduce the prototype via a custom recorded sound project.
● Etched name plates as appropriate to each model number.
● Two styles of cab roof mounted horns to accurately recreate all prototypes.
● Further yet to be announced innovative features