Carrera GO!!! Disney-Pixar Cars™ - Jackson Storm "Glow Racer"

Carrera GO!!! Disney-Pixar Cars™ - Jackson Storm "Glow Racer"
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Product Description

  • Disney·Pixar Cars - Jackson Storm - GLOW Racer
  • Carrera GO!!!
  • Original Disney licence
  • 1:43-scale
  • Age 6 years & up

Talent and adversary meet on the racetrack

In Disney Pixar Cars 3 Jackson Storm shows just what the new generation of racing cars can do. There's no danger anyone will dare to underestimate Lightning McQueen's toughest adversary! On the racetrack he's involved in one thrilling battle - and one victory - after the other! Show you're a winner like Jackson Storm and greet your friends from the top of the podium!

Sensational racing awaits

The 1:43-scale slotcar ensures you're driving a guaranteed winner out on your Carrera GO!!! circuit. The original Disney reproduction licence allows the black racing car to be recreated as a faithfully detailed downscaled replica with an amazing paintjob. The number 20 guarantees victory!