Carrera GO!!! Disney-Pixar Cars™ - Lightning McQueen "Glow Racer"

Carrera GO!!! Disney-Pixar Cars™ - Lightning McQueen "Glow Racer"
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Product Description

  • Disney Pixar Cars - Lightning McQueen – GLOW Racer
  • Carrera GO!!!
  • Pixar film hero now a slotcar star
  • 1:43-scale
  • Age 6 years & up

Welcome to Radiator Springs

Lightning McQueen is the star of the Disney Pixar 'Cars' films and is ready for action on the grid of your Carrera race circuit. The lovable hero first appeared on film in 2006, inspired by numerous iconic cars, from the GT40 to the Dodge Charger. Now it's hard to imagine a children's bedroom without him. As a newcomer to the Piston Cup, he was a racing success right from the start. In Radiator Springs he finally learnt what it means to be a real racing driver, discovering his true self and helping many others.

Now Lightning McQueen is on your circuit, too

Start your own adventure with Lightning McQueen at home. The 1:43-scale slotcar thrills fans of all ages. The Disney-licensed car wins hearts with its detailed reproduction of the on-screen original, and is almost impossible to tell apart from the Disney original.