Carrera GO!!! Mercedes-AMG GT "DTM Safety Car"

Carrera GO!!! Mercedes-AMG GT "DTM Safety Car"
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Product Description

  • Mercedes Safety Car in the DTM
  • Carrera GO!!!
  • DTM Safety Car as a slot car
  • Scale 1:43
  • From 6 years

Safety first: The safety car from Mercedes
Mercedes makes a significant contribution to safety on the world's major race tracks. Since 1996, the brand has been providing safety cars and medical cars for Formula 1. In critical situations, a safety car moves out and then leads the race cars at a safe speed. The average speed in such situations is still over 124 mph, so that the tyres and brakes of the cars do not cool down too much and the engine does not overheat due to the lack of airflow.

Safety on the Carrera race track
It goes without saying that a Safety Car should not be missing on the home race track. After all, it's almost as hot here as it is at the world's most famous races. With the original licences from DTM and Mercedes, the Mercedes-AMG GT slot car on a scale of 1:43 was designed with every little detail in mind.