Carrera EVOLUTION VW Bus T2b "Peace and Love"

Carrera EVOLUTION VW Bus T2b "Peace and Love"
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Product Description

  • VW Bus T2b ‘Peace and Love’
  • Front & rear lights
  • 1:32-scale
  • Age 8 years & up

Iconic hippy bus

The well-known Peace and Love VW Kombi bus has achieved cult status around the globe, and now – at last – it’s ready to bring love and peace to home slot-car racing circuits everywhere. This famous microbus is decorated with a floral livery featuring a large peace symbol, giving the replica the authentic look of the original.

Peace and love – everywhere

The VW Bus T2b ‘Peace and Love’ bus is now bringing positive vibes to home-built circuits around the world. The 1:32-scale model is a comprehensively-detailed reproduction of the original, and whizzes around the bends of the Carrera circuit like the full-size version. This cult drive is also equipped with fully functional front and rear lights. The car can be refitted for digital racing with a separate digital decode.