Carrera EVOLUTION BMW 320 Turbo Flachbau "Oppitzhauser, No.20"

Carrera EVOLUTION BMW 320 Turbo Flachbau "Oppitzhauser, No.20"
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Product Description

  • BMW 320 Turbo Flachbau 'Oppitzhauser, No. 20'
  • Front & rear lights
  • Original BMW licence
  • 1:32-scale
  • Age 8 years & up

Every enthusiast’s head-turner

The legendary Team Oppitzhauser BMW 320 Turbo flat-built is perfect for nostalgics, and promises an exciting ride back in time. Karl Oppitzhauser is part of the bedrock of Austrian motor-racing history. He entered his flat-build BMW in all kinds of racing series and still owns the vehicle to this day. The particularly sophisticated pin-stripe design ensured the no.20 BMW caught the eye on every racetrack!

Race highlight

The BMW 320 Turbo Flachbau ‘Oppitzhauser, No.20’ provides an authentic driving performance and perfect balance in every bend. The car competes against up to 5 other rivals on the Carrera EVOLUTION racing circuit. This 1:32-scale 1980s racer is an accurately-detailed replica and attracts the gaze of every racing enthusiast. It’s fitted with front and rear lights, and looks just like the original. A separate digital decoder means it can be refitted for digital racing.