Carrera EVOLUTION Ford Torino Talladega "No.72“

Carrera EVOLUTION Ford Torino Talladega "No.72“
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Product Description

  • Ford Torino Talladega ‘No.72’ collectors’ item
  • Faithfully-detailed 1970s stock-car
  • Original Ford license
  • 1:32-scale
  • 8 years and up

Stock car legend: The Ford Torino Talladega
The Ford Torino Talladega is a legend of stock car racing. This Ford became a 1970s hero, but was only produced in the first weeks of 1969. Today, it’s a special collectors’ item as a car that won far more battles than any other competitor. This car bears the number 72 and was driven by Benny Parsons, who won several world championships during his active time in motorsport, before taking up a long career as a commentator.

Collect this cult car for your Carrera racing circuit
The cult 1:32-scale no.72 Ford rolls up to the start. The Ford reproduction guarantees a Ford slotcar with all the detail of the original.


  • 1:32
  • 8+