Carrera EVOLUTION Mario Kart™ 8 1:32 Slot Car Racing Set

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Product Description


  • Mario Kart™
  • Carrera EVOLUTION
  • Cult plumber Mario races his best buddy Yoshi
  • Scale: 1:32
  • 8 years & up

  • Mario Kart™ for home
    The Carrera EVOLUTION 'Mario Kart™' set features cult hero Mario and his best buddy Yoshi in red-hot racing around the 1:24-scale race circuits. The original Nintendo license guarantees faithful 1:32-scale real-world rebuilds of their digital car role models, and must-haves for racing enthusiasts and video game fans alike.

    Video game cars burst onto Carrera circuits
    A track length of 5.9 metres offers two long straights that allow you to race Mario and Yoshi with your handset at top speeds. The circuit can be extended to include up to eight lanes. Whether taking on family or friends, you'll all require full concentration to keep these crazy karts under control.