Digital 124 Lola T70 MKIIIb "No.15"

Digital 124 Lola T70 MKIIIb "No.15"
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Product Description

  • Lola T70 MKIIIb ‘No.15’
  • DIGITAL 124
  • Front, rear & brake lights
  • Original Lola licence
  • 1:24-scale
  • Age 10 years & up

A metallic-grey gem

In 1965 the British racing car manufacturers at Lola Cars developed the Lola T70 MKIIIb ‘No.15’ as a two-seater motor racing car for the unlimited Group 7 sports car race series in England and North America. Group 7 racing cars are two-seaters for circuit racing and the Lola T70 is considered one of Britain’s most successful two-seater racers ever produced. The no.15 car has a distinguished metallic grey finish and today it’s owned by a private gentleman racer. Carrera is now giving enthusiasts the opportunity to drift this old-school sports car around the bends.

Nostalgic sports car on the Carrera racing circuit

The sophisticated 1:24-scale number 15 metallic grey Lola T70 flashes around every Carrera racetrack. The first known version of the racing car was the Lola T70 Spyder, which was replaced by the Lola T70 Mk II Spyder in 1966, and by the Lola Mk III Spyder from 1967 onwards. The slot-car is a detailed replica of the original, and has been fitted with front, rear and brake lights. The car can be digitally controlled, individually coded and also used in analogue action.