Central Station Set

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Product Description

Grab your ticket and get ready to depart for a new railway adventure with the 33989 Central Station Set.

Central Station: Start your journey in this classic toy train set at the large central station where passengers can choose to take the lift or stairs to transfer between bus and train routes.

Train travel fun: Then travel around the wooden tracks on board the red travel train or the yellow metro train. There’s also plenty of railway accessories to add to the play including a stop signal, railway crossing with functioning crossing signal and BRIO World characters.

33989 Central Station Travel Set includes 37 pieces: 1x Two-level Central Station, 1x Metro Train, 1x Travel Train, 1x Bus, 1x Railway Crossing, 2x Sloping Curved Tracks, 10 x Wooden Tracks and lots of railway accessories.


Width (mm) 1048
Depth (mm) 697
Height (mm) 203
Pack width (mm) 450