BRIO World - Train Garage with Handle

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Product Description

The Train Garage with Handle is a great addition to any BRIO World railway, providing toy trains with the perfect place for maintenance and rest. The garage features three parking spaces, each with its own track connection. Pull back the large red handle and the garage door will automatically slide open, providing easy access to the Travel Engine and Wagon stored inside. Once the door is closed again, the handle can lock in the upright position, making it easy for children to carry the train garage and its contents onto the next adventure.

Includes 1x Train Garage, 1x Travel Engine, 1x Travel Carriage.

The item measures 25.5 x 15.2 x 16.4cm.

Suitable for ages 3 Years and up.

Crafted using European beech wood, high-quality plastics and fine metal details. We know that children sometimes play with toys in other ways than expected. That’s why we test our products thoroughly with strict safety requirements which in many cases are tougher than the legal requirements.