Bachmann 36-569A Class 90 DCC Loco-Decoder with Servo Motor Operation & Brake function

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Product Description

A 21 Pin (21MTC) DCC Decoder configured for use in the Bachmann Branchline Class 90 – models produced from 2021 onwards. Configured to control the servo-motor-operated Pantograph.

Highlights include:

  • Dual-mode DCC/DC decoder with Back EMF function
  • 1.2A continuous load
  • Brake Button function for realistic control of braking
  • Controls the servo-motor-operated Pantograph

Default Functions when fitted to Bachmann Branchline Class 90

  • F0 - Direction Lights on/off
  • F1 - Cab Lights (Directional) on/off
  • F2 - Brake Button
  • F3 - Day/Night Mode
  • F4 - Direction Lights Off (Non-Pantograph End)
  • F5 - Direction Lights Off (Pantograph End)
  • F6 - Pantograph Up/Down

Operating Modes

  • NMRA/DCC with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps
  • Short and Long addresses
  • DCC and DC operation (DC operation is de-selectable)

Motor Control Features

  • 1.2A continuous load
  • Variable pulse width frequency motor regulation (up to 40kHz)
  • Motor output overload protection; Back EMF (de-selectable)

Function Outputs

  • Pre-configured to operate lights and servo-motor-controlled Pantograph


  • 20.5mm x 15.5mm x 3.5mm

Default Address

  • Address 3


  • DCC Service Mode & DCC PoM (Programming on Main)

Additional Features

  • RailCom® Feedback system
  • Capacitor connections